Here I Am, I’m Home

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Here I Am, I'm Home - Single by Jimmy Workman

Message from Jimmy……..

I have a good friend that has gone ahead of me to heaven…Elizabeth Pitts.  I met her a few years ago when she was my student in school.  She was different, because unlike many people, she seems to see right through the junk and zero in on what’s really important.  I think this may have been her ‘Big Purpose’.

Elizabeth spent a lot of time in her past few years battling cancer & tumors.  But although they seemed to conquer her body, they did not conquer Elizabeth.  On the contrary, she not only conquered them, but she flourished, and blossomed, and shined like the sun!  And to top that, she now walks the streets of gold free of disease & pain.  O death, where is thy sting?!

In the midst of Elizabeth’s battle, I prayed for her, and was so grieved by her pain and misery, and the anguish of her family, I was overcome by it.  God laid the burden she and her family had, on me.  But it was only for a while, because God gave me some lyrics & chords to express the sheer joy that she would soon enjoy.  I knew that she would soon be with our God in heaven.

Just two days before she went there I was privileged to get to sing this song I wrote for her called Here I Am, I’m Home.  She laid there & listened & tried to smile.  I sang another song or two, and then she asked if I knew Amazing Grace.  I played it, & then asked if she wanted me to sing another.  She said, “No thank you, that’s good.”

I am very sorry, but not for what you might think.  Not for Elizabeth.  Not for Ben & Melanie & Maddie.  I’m sorry for you if you did not have the privileged of knowing this wise and mature soul.  I’ll see you soon my little friend.  Thanks for the life lessons.

The rest of the story……..
I also had the privilege of singing Here I Am, I’m Home at Elizabeth’s funeral service.  I was honored and humbled to get to do that.  Sometime later, someone who heard the song that day asked Elizabeth’s mom Melanie about studio time to record the song.  I took that to Gary DiBenedetto, the guy who produced and engineered the White Stones CD at Studio D in Moultrie, GA.  After hearing the story of Elizabeth & the song, he was all in.  A group of his friends who are professional studio musicians & writers also wanted to be a part of the project.  Steve Cummings of Murfreesboro, TN plays drums on the recording & mastered it in his studio.  Mike Ellis of Nashville, TN added the bass guitar.  Henry McGill, from Adel, GA & formerly of The River, plays lead guitar on the recording.  Gary DiBenedetto did a masterful job producing, arranging & recording at Studio D.  Gary also plays slide guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, & keyboard.  Gary’s pride & joy, his daughter Memarie  DiBenedetto, a student at Colquitt County High, sings the background vocals.  Memarie does a great job harmonizing with me in her first recording project.  The Pitts family & I want to thank all of you for the great work you did on this recording.  We pray that it will bless, encourage & uplift all who hear it.  I know this will be a special song for White Stones to perform.
Jimmy Workman
Go With God
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